April White began her artistic journey while growing up in London, Ontario, Canada. After completing formal studies in Fine Art, specializing in drawing, at York University in Toronto, she worked as a graphic designer for a few years while planning to pursue her dream of a life of art and travel. The following ten years were spent backpacking across the world, experiencing different cultures, exploring new landscapes and recording her observations with pencils and paint. Travels led to the west and east coasts of Canada, parts of Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. After over five years of full-time studio work, April’s art is now being recognized with recent art awards in Australia and in collections across Australia and Canada. Now April’s time is split between her studio in Sydney, Australia, her original Ontario home and new, inspiring destinations around the globe.


April White
(b. 1972 Canada)

York University, Bachelor of Fine Art, Specialized Honours Degree, Toronto, Canada, 1995.

Solo Exhibitions  
2019    “Chasing Sparrows”, TAP Gallery, London, Canada.
2018    “Glitch”, TAP Gallery, London, Canada.
2015    “Passing Through”, A.A.W. Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2015    “21 Grams”, Virgin Walls Gallery, Blackheath, Australia.
2014    “Life Remixes”, Salerno Gallery, Sydney, Australia.     
2012    “Soul Flight”, C.C. Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2012    “Undertones”, Salerno Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

Selected Group Exhibitions  
2019    “Birds and the Bees", MLC Gallery, Newtown, Australia.
2015    “Ayotzinapa Vive”, M2 Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2014    Drawn on the Mountain, Wentworth Falls, Australia.     
2014    Bent Art, Wentworth Falls School of Arts, Wentworth Falls, Australia.
2013    Mount Eyre Art Prize, Finalist, Rex-Livingston Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2011    Waverley Art Prize, Finalist, Bondi-Waverley School of Arts, Sydney, Australia.
2011    Blacktown City Art Prize, Finalist, Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney, Australia.
2011    Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, Finalist, Adelaide Perry Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

2018    First Prize, Bent Art Prize.
2015    First Prize, ‘Art Brut’ category, 2015 American Art Awards.
2015    First Prize, Bent Art Prize.
2015    First Prize, ‘Painting’ category, Bent Art Prize.
2014    First Prize, ‘Digital Art’ category, Bent Art Prize.
2014    ‘People’s Choice’ Award, Bent Art Prize.
2014    Award of Excellence, Glebe Art Show.
2014    Third Prize, ‘Sketchbook Competition’, Drawn of the Mountain.

Artist Residencies 
2015    A.A.W. Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2012    Artscape, Gibraltor Point, Toronto, Canada